Experience the food

Experience the food

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The year 2020 will be delicious, as the Kuopio area celebrates being recognized as the European Region of Gastronomy of the year.

When one has seen and felt Tokyo and New York, one wants to get to know authentic Finnishness and Savonian experience. The authentic culture of the land can be discovered by diving into the middle of traditional Savonian dishes and getting to know where the origin of the food lies. The Kuopio area offers all this starting next summer, as Northern Savonia was chosen as the European Region of Gastronomy of 2020.

‒ The Judges were impressed by the purity of nature and its ingredients. We are able to go to our backyard and get pure wild herbs and berries straight out of nature, says the European Region of Gastronomy, also known as ERG, coordinator Henna Lehikoinen.

European Region of Gastronomy (ERG) acknowledgement is first of its kind in Finland. It can be compared to the better-known European Capital of Culture award. ERG helps develop events, agriculture, education and entrepreneurship that circle around not only culture but gastronomy and food. The acknowledgment emphasises responsibility in activity, using local food and the cooperation between small to medium-sized companies.

‒ The celebrations of the year will include a lot of activities concerning food and culture. How would you like going fishing or gather mushrooms with the locals? The hosts will help and guide you with the mushroom gathering and afterwards they will be cooked for dinner, Lehikoinen explains.

There are over 50 operators from different fields of activity in the network of ERG-partners. The network includes restaurant and cafeteria operators, primary producers, food producers, culture and creative arts companies as well as associations and event producers. The motley bunch is connected by the burning passion to create and offer to tourists everlasting experiences with food and pure nature in the Northern Savonia region.

European Region of Gastronomy 2020
ERG-office, Puijonkatu 14, Kuopio
Tel. +358 44 785 6021

European Region of Gastronomy (ERG). In lieu of the Kuopio 2020-acknowledgment there are delicious activities planned for the next two summers. One of the main themes of the celebratory year are the pure natural ingredients found in the Northern Savonia region, such as berries, mushrooms as well as game and fish. Next summer there are four foraging theme weeks, which may include planned berry or mushroom foraging excursions, picnics, cooking classes or workshops.

June 2020

  • 6.6.2020 The opening event of the celebratory year.
  • 5.–7.6. Kuopio Comedy Festival
  • Weeks 24–25 Foraging theme week 1: Wild foods and herbs
  • 12.–13.6. Satoa Goes Wild Festival
  • 17.6. Muuruvesi village fair
  • 19.6. Lohimaa Midsummer festival, Tervo
  • 19.6. Kuopio passenger harbour Midsummer festival

July 2020

  • Weeks 28–29 Foraging theme week 2: Sweet summer
  • 10.–11.7. Oluset beer festival, Iisalmi
  • 17.–19.7. Suonenjoki strawberry carnival and local food fair

August 2020

  • 8.–9.8. Sturgeon and Champagne music festival
  • 8.8. Louhenkatu street fair
  • Week 34 Foraging theme week 3: Berries and mushrooms
  • 28.–29.8. Satoa Kuopio Food Festival
  • 28.–29.8. Harvest fair on Kuopio Marketplace

September 2020

  • Week 37 Foraging theme week 4: Berries, mushrooms, fishing, hunting
  • 8.–13.9. ANTI Contemporary Art Festival, Kuopio
  • 10.–13.9. Kalaryssäys fish market fair, Kuopio


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