Kuopio –
a Unique Combination

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Finland is a place of fascinating contrasts. An ideal location between the East and West, Finland has bright summers and snowy winters. In a country known as the land of a thousand lakes, Kuopio is the capital of Finland’s Lakeland district.
Facts about Finland

• Finland is located in northern Europe, almost entirely above the 60 latitude line.
• Border neighbours are Sweden, Norway, Russia and Estonia.
• The world's best education system.
• An equal and free society.
• One of the safest countries in the world.
• Thanks to high education and a stable economy, Finland is known for its innovation capability and a number of successful start-up companies.
• Finns are experts in areas such as health and welfare, cleantech and bio-economy, and ICT and tourism sectors.

Kuopio is one of the most important growth centres in Finland. Located amongst hills and surrounded by Lake Kallavesi, Kuopio offers a wide range of sports activities. People who live in Kuopio have the chance to live very close to pristine nature. This pleasant environment attracts many professionals from various sectors to the Kuopio area.

Nearly 250,000 people live in the Kuopio-Tahko area and the surrounding region, and around 600,000 people live in the greater Kuopio area. There are about 50,000 jobs in the Kuopio area, provided by more than 5,000 companies. North Savo is home to more than 200 export companies.

THE KUOPIO region, with its top research, skilled workforce and new areas under development and construction, interests many industrial companies from various sectors. Experts from numerous different professions are trained in Kuopio at Finland’s largest university (University of Eastern Finland), as well as at the modern Savonia University of Applied Sciences and other vocational educational institutions

These multi-talented experts are educated in co-operation with other educational institutions in addition to companies. The Kuopio “Science Park” campus is involved in internationally significant and networked research, education and product development. Many international conferences and events are held in Kuopio.

THE RETAIL industry and the health and wellness industry employ the most people in the Kuopio area. Kuopio’s rapid growth has resulted in a lot of construction and building. Kuopio is known throughout Finland as an important municipal, educational, industrial and holistic service city. Kuopio emphasises preventative and welfare-promoting services.

The Kuopio region is also part of a Europe-wide network of goods, tourism and creating professionals in areas. The clean water and air in Finland guarantee versatile and clean foodstuff production. 



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