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International success is reflected all throughout Kuopio’s growth. Investment and development projects, worth several hundred million euros and providing thousands of jobs, are ongoing. Below are some of the most current projects.

1 Savilahti - Kuopio’s science park
Savilahti, which will be constructed as centres of advanced learning, innovation and workplaces, is the most prominent city development project in Eastern Finland as well as being one of the most diverse city development projects in all of Finland. Investments in the area's development have been estimated at 1.5–2 billion euros. The area is already an internationally recognised multidisciplinary education and research centre involving some 19,000 people. During the 2020s, Savilahti will offer an innovative environment for up to 35,000 people, of which about 15,000 will be jobs. Housing will be built for about 7,000 people and there will be up to 15,000 studying there. The area offers a holistic quality of life, combining work life and studying with living and leisure activities in the middle of pristine lakeside nature.

2 Kuopio Travel Centre Kuopion Portti
The large Kuopion Portti (Kuopio’s Gate) project's total investment is about 150–160 million euros.  The aim is to create a significant business centre. The area will have 400–500 jobs and about 450–550 inhabitants. Kuopio’s railway station and main bus station are currently located there. Construction begins in 2018.

3 Mölymäki
Residential and commercial spaces will be built In connection with the current Central Sports Field. There will also be additional spectator stands built around the football field. The project’s total investment is 480–520 million euros. The area will provide 40–60 jobs and 3,000 inhabitants. The construction will start in 2018 and will last until 2028. The Central Sports Field area’s new construction will last from 2022 to 2026.

4 Sorsasalo Business Area
The largest industrial project being planned is Finnpulp Oy's biotechnology plant, which alone would bring investments of 1.4 billion euros to Kuopio's Sorsasalo area. It will be the world's largest coniferous softwood production plant. As a result of the plant’s construction, 5,700 jobs will be created in Finland, of which approximately 3,000 will be in the Northern Savo region. The indirect employment impact of the project is 3,400 jobs in Finland, of which 1,500 jobs will be created in Northern Savo. The finished plant employs about 200 people.

5 Kuntolaakso-Hatsala
The Kuntolaakso-Hatsala area project is worth 380–420 million euros. The area is close to the city centre and will serve as a location for homes, businesses, commercial services and leisure activities. 50–100 jobs will be created as well as homes for 2,500 residents. Up to 16-storey houses are planned to be built in the area. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2019 and will last until 2023. The area is currently home to the Kuopio Ice Hall, a swimming hall and a bowling alley. During the project, the Kuopio Ice Hall will be renovated and the swimming hall will be replaced, but the bowling hall will be shut down.

6 Kuopionlahti 
(Kuopio Bay) campus
The building of a new hotel and congress centre complex will offer new ways to organise Kuopio's music life, dances and various events. The project is estimated to cost 130–150 million euros. When the project is completed, there will be about 600 art students as well as 100–150 new jobs and residents in the area. Construction will take place from about 2020 until 2022. Currently the Kuopio Music Centre and the Lumit Art High School are located in the area.

7 Tahko
Since 2010, more than 10 million euros have been invested in Tahko's year-round entertainment centre. By 2022, additional investments of approximately 30 million euros have been planned for the area. Tahko has more than 80 accommodation or tourism companies, providing a total of 8,500 beds in 1,200 holiday homes. Nearly half a million overnight stays were purchased in 2016. Of these, 22% were by international guests. Finland’s only truly year-round entertainment centre has a wide range of activities, including the longest stairs in the country. Located halfway to Lapland from Helsinki, Tahko offers visitors the opportunity to already experience the exotic north.


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