Experiences and the peaceful nature attract people to Kuopio

Experiences and the peaceful nature 
attract people to Kuopio


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The nature in Kuopio and Tahko make them the perfect places for relaxing and enjoying new experiences. A versatile range of services ensures that people of all ages, including families, find something to do and enjoy.
Traveling to Kuopio from China is easier than ever

The Lakeland region is one of Finland's four major tourist centres. Kuopio, Lakeland’s capital, and Tahko, a recreational destination near Kuopio, are constantly becoming more popular throughout the year as tourist destinations. The entire Lakeland area is at its best when thousands of lakes and forests create great experiences for tourists, especially during the summer.

In May 2018, Visit Finland, Lakeland and Ctrip, China's largest online travel agency, have agreed to cooperate. Seven travel packages to the Lakeland district will be offered to the Chinese market. The travel packages are accessible via the travel agency and three of the packages pass through Kuopio. The travel packages will be marketed until the end of 2018 on all Ctrip channels, which has 150 million active visitors each month. The target groups of the travel packages are private or small groups.

Oxford Economic estimates that tourism from China to Europe will grow at 7.5 percent per annum for the next five years. In addition to other northern Europe locations, Finland is also an attractive tourist destination. The number of nights spent by Chinese tourists increased by as much as 33 percent in 2017.

Kuopio is the capital of Finland’s Lakeland district and is located on the shore of beautiful Lake Kallavesi. The area is fascinating with its spectacular scenery, varied activities and vibrant life. The Lakeland district is one of Finland's three largest tourist centres in addition to Lapland and the metropolitan area. The thousands of lakes, and everything that you can possibly experience and do, make the area unique.

Finns are honest, hard-working, innovative and close to nature. The area provides you the opportunity to experience clean and beautiful nature, which offers great chances for nature-related experiences, fishing, hiking, biking, events, cultural experiences, sports and wellness. The Kuopio region is also a strong centre of art, culture and design as well as a being home to several influential Finnish brands and designers.

THE VIBRANT Kuopio area is easy to reach and explore for visitors. The location of the area is excellent as it is halfway to everywhere. For example, Kuopio is halfway to Lapland when coming from southern Finland. This ensures that visitors can spend their valuable holiday time enjoying and relaxing instead of travelling. Also, Finland’s location between the East and the West makes it accessible from anywhere in the world. 

“I always tell my friends here, Finland is not far from China with Finnair. The Finns do not always smile, but their hearts are always warm. Finland is a very attractive destination because it has the best natural beauty, rich culture, perfect infrastructure and kind people,” says Professor Zhang Guangrui of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Professor Zhang Guangrui has been studying tourism for 30 years. Last October, the professor arrived from China to Finland to lecture at the Lakeland Seminar. At the lecture, he told about Chinese foreign travel and ideas about Finland as a destination for Chinese tourists.

The 50-year-old Tahko holiday resort area is a popular tourist destination that offers countless opportunities throughout the year. During the winter at Tahko, you can ride snowmobiles, skate, cross country ski, downhill ski or simply enjoy the winter wonderland in many other ways. In addition to the fast-paced activities, Tahko provides wellness and spa services to help visitors relax.

“I really love the Ruska scenery. I can hardly find any promotion about this attractive unique seasonal scenery in China. Winter sports have become very popular now in China,” Professor Guangrui continues. “In China we don’t have many good skiing resorts in the country. They are either too crowded or too cold, or only suitable for professional sportsmen,” he says.

“With plenty of winter sports opportunities, Tahko is a perfect winter destination especially for young people and for families,” he continues. 



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