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A versatile industry structure and an excellent expertise support the success stories of Kuopio companies internationally. Finns are credible partners thanks to their good reputation, diligence and reliability.

The Kuopio region is a unique combination of science, art, technology, industry and security. The city is known internationally as a significant centre of excellence. An example of this is the important research and development work at the Kuopio University Hospital (KYS), the University of Eastern Finland and other research institutes in the Kuopio “Science Park.”

Top international level research areas in Kuopio are neurosciences, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, aerosols, climate change and human health. The city is a forerunner of well-being, health and safety expertise throughout Finland. The nation’s top areas are also translational cancer research as well as the research on the effectiveness of care and services. Other top areas include water research and the production, research and refinement of foodstuffs.

KUOPIO IS the growth centre in the entire Eastern Finland. This is due to the fact that Kuopio focuses on the positive development of its population and jobs. The vital strengths of the city include a university (the University of Eastern Finland) and a vibrant university of applied sciences, both of which train a skilled workforce. In fact, the University of Eastern Finland is the nation's largest university. Opportunities, research institutes and start-up companies are constantly generating new business, business ideas, products and services. Many of the area's international high-tech companies are located in or near the Kuopio “Science Park.” Kuopio’s, and North Savo's, biggest export industries include the hard industries, construction, retail and tourism.

In the Kuopio area, the industry’s turnover is better than the rest of the country. Total export sales in North Savo increased by 16.4 % in 2017. The industry’s new boost will be from Finnpulp Oy's new planned biotech plant and the resulting related business. The Kuopio region is already a leader in energy and biotechnology. Nature and raw material resources are a major asset to the area.

VARIOUS SPORTING, artistic and cultural events held in Kuopio will attract people to the Kuopio region throughout the year. These include the Finnish Ice Marathon held on Lake Kallavesi at the beginning of the year, the Kuopio Dance Festival in the summer showcasing performances and the alternative cultural event ANTI Festival in the fall. In addition to these, Kuopio’s well-known events include Puijo's Championships, Kuopio RockCock Festival and Kuopio Wine Festival as well as Kuopio Celebrates.

Pure nature, thousands of lakes and the various seasons create a feel of northern exoticism. The Kuopio-Tahko tourist centre is the crown jewel of Savo’s tourism. The area offers all the same services, experiences and wonders as the Finnish Lapland, plus more versatile routes. 


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