Glide through the tracks

Glide through
the tracks

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The quality skin skis guarantee traction in every weather.

Skiing is one of the most popular sports for Finns, as it is the third most popular sport right after walking and biking. Studies show that 800,000 to 1,000,000 Finns get on skis every winter, so the need for quality skis is huge. The great demand has also accelerated the development of skiing equipment.

The evolution of skis begins with the legendary wooden skis, that were replaced in the 1970s with the plastic skis. Halfway through the 1980s saw the skiers familiarizing themselves with skate skis, which also generated a new way of skiing. After numerous different bases the newest development in skis are the innovative and revolutionary skin skis.

‒ The advantage of the new technology is the effortlessness brought about by the skins. It used to be that the customer going to a sports equipment store had to know how to choose from the numerous waxes for their skis. Different traction waxes can be found endlessly. The skin technology replaces the need for any waxing with its own traction. So, you don’t need to ponder on which wax to apply to the base of your ski, because the skin has traction and works constantly, no matter what the weather is, says Asko Lahdelma from the Peltonen ski factory.

The Finnish Ski and equipment manufacturer Peltonen produce skin skis from mohair imported from Switzerland. The material is also acquired from the wool of the caribou, among other places. Technology offers the skier a new and easier way to both use and maintain their skis, because the maintenance is taken care of in seconds. Skin skis have lowered the threshold for people to go out skiing, and it makes people more interested in skiing. The skin skis have revolutionized the market for skis, because 75 percent of skis made by Peltonen are skin skis.

– The skin skis have their own maintenance products, that keep the base clean and thus slicker, but they aren’t necessary. The maintenance and cleaning of the skis is really easy, Lahdelma says.

Просто скользи по лыжне

Известный финский производитель лыж и спортивного снаряжения Peltonen изготавливает лыжи с материалом из мохера, который импортируется из Швейцарии. Покрытие также можно получить из шерсти карибу. Технология изготовления скользящей поверхности облегчает процесс подготовки и использования лыж, не нужно возиться с мазью держания. Чрезвычайно простые в использовании лыжи, привлекли массовое внимание к лыжному спорту.  

При агрессивном использовании лыж, держащая вставка на скользящей поверхности прослужит минимум 1000 км, а в лучшем случае даже 3000км. Срок службы поверхности зависит от типа снега и других факторов. Грубый и обледенелый снег вызывает больше износа. При нормальных погодных условиях и базовом катании производитель дает гарантию на 1500 км. Далее покрытие можно легко и недорого заменить на новое.

Peltonen изготавливает лыжи для финского снега уже более 75 лет. Торговля ведется и за пределами Финляндии. Половина производимой продукции компании экспортируется в такие страны, как Швеция, Норвегия, Германия, Франция и Швейцария, а также в США и Канаду. Продажи повысились после введения в производство инновационного материала держания. Также на продажу влияют долговечность и высокое качество лыж. 

Многолетний опыт компании в сочетании с современными технологиями, обеспечивают удержание лидерских позиций на рынке спортивного инвентаря, о чем свидетельствует большое количество положительных отзывов.

– People ask us a lot about the durability of the skin skis. In high usage the skis hold for at least a thousand kilometres and at their best for as much as 3,000 kilometres. The durability of the skin is of course affected a lot by the elements they are used in. Rough and icy weather conditions naturally force more wear and tear on the skins. In normal circumstances and regular skiing, the factory promises the skis hold for 1,500 kilometres. Replacing the skin, however, is very cheap – we are talking about a few dozen euros here. The skins can be replaced in the sports equipment store or even at home, Lahdelma says.

Peltonen has manufactured skis for the snows of Finland for over 75 years. Ski trade is also hot internationally. Half of the skis made by the company are exported to Sweden, Norway, Germany, France and Switzerland as well as the United States of America and Canada, among other countries. The great amount of sales has been positively affected not only by the skin ski technology, but also by the high quality of the skis and a good durability. The company’s long experience in manufacturing skis combined with the new technology has brought them a lot of positive feedback.

– The skin skis are really pleasant to ski with, and customers let us hear it. User experiences have been past all of our expectations. The best marketing trick any product can have is functionality – when the product works as it should, the information is passed from mouth to mouth. Roughly 95 percent of the customers have been extremely satisfied with skin skis, Lahdelma reports.

Peltonen Ski Oy
Viilukatu 11, Heinola
Tel. +358 3876 070


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